Chalk Daisy Garland

This guide will walk you through all the basics for putting together your Daisy Garland. Be sure to check out all of the videos to ensure you have the most STUNNING garland! Check out the following links as well as our Tutorials section for all the info you will need to get the perfect garland.

Important Links

How to Make Balloon Daisies

Tips Before You Begin

Videos to Watch

Assemble Like a PRO! Ribbon Walk-Through

Decorator Strip Garland – Complete Walk Through

Why Are My Balloons Layered??

✓ Garlands will take 1-2 hours to complete. Inflating balloons is what takes the longest! Assembly of the arch is fast and easy once the balloons are ready

✓ You can definitely assemble your garland in advance! During this time keep it indoors and in a temperature-controlled location until you are ready to set up for your party. Excessive heat may pop balloons and cold/damp areas may wilt balloons. I

✓ DON'T OVER FILL BALLOONS! Press balloons into your hip and let some air out before tying to make it more round in shape.

✓ Use caution when tying and tightening the balloon knot – if you pull the knot super tight, you could tear the balloon which results in leaks.

✓ Hang garland BEFORE adding 5" mini balloons

✓ Use 3M command hooks or Clik-Clik Magnets for hanging your arch! Because the balloons are super lightweight you can tie them to just about anything! Just be careful with textured walls and dry grass/twigs because these can pop your balloons.

✓ Want to know the secret to SUPER matte balloons? Sunlight! Outdoor sun will oxidize the latex and make the finish on your inflated balloons become super matte. Check out this video to see a sample!

How to use REQUIRED Hand Pump for 5" Minis

*unless you have a professional grade electric pump, or a tool air compressor, a hand pump is required to inflate double-stuff minis. Inflate these a few days before your party to save on time!

This is our favorite and preferred way to assemble garlands! Ribbon gives you a super sturdy build that is perfect for outdoor events! Even faster than a decorator strip to put together!! If you are hanging your garland outdoors or moving it from place to place, this is the method for you!


✓ Did you get a Boujee Box? Follow this link before adding 5" minis!

✓ Inflate Balloons

✓ Begin attaching balloons at one end of plastic garland strip. Do not insert past the balloon knot or latex may pop.

✓ Insert 16" balloons evenly through out garland. Skip 1 keyhole after you insert a 16" balloon

✓ After hanging, use glue dots to attach 5" balloons to fill in gaps. To help speed up this process you can tie 5" into clusters of 3.

This video will walk you through how to assemble our DIY Balloon garland! Read below for video breakdown. This video is one of our many Chalk Rainbow color options in size 6'-8' (A few times I will refer to it as the incorrect size!

Option B is preferred assembly style.


2:15 - Inflating + Tying balloons

4:20 - Inflating 16” balloons

4:54 - Inflating 5” double stuff balloons w. hand pump

5:40 - How to add balloons to Garland Strip

7:09 - Option A Pattern for adding balloons to Garland Strip

9:06 - Adding 16” Balloons

10:24 - What to do with excess Garland Strip

11:10 - Hanging your garland

13:32 - Option B Assembly *MOST POPULAR LOOK

14:06 - How to add balloons for Option B

15:37 - 11” balloons for added bulk

17:23 - Adding 11” + 5” Balloons with Glue Dots